Design-Build Analysis

The Design-Build Approach is an evaluation and analysis of a proposed project. It is based on your wishes and our technical research to support the decision-making process. In its simplest terms, the two criteria used to judge feasibility are cost required, and value to be attained. One of the common pitfalls in the remodeling process is to jump into advanced design and contractual obligations, with little or no thought given to budget constraints. This often leads to a design that, albeit beautiful, is unaffordable. With our Feasibility Study, we evaluate the project's potential for success, with minimal investment required, prior to proceeding into technical development, advanced design development and project implementation.

Feasibility Study:

  • Listen and analyze your needs and wishes regarding your project.

  • Develop an accurate floor plan of your current home.

  • Objectively and rationally discover the strengths and weaknesses of an existing residence.

  • Produce schematic concepts of your project through thoughtfully considered design.

  • Provide a Cost Analysis Estimate of your design.

We will be happy to visit your residence and discuss how we can create a comprehensive design-build analysis specific to your project's needs. If this process sounds enticing, sign up below for a complementary appointment.

The Lotus Way

We call our approach "The Lotus Way"  — learn more about how we do kitchensbathroomsnew homesremodeling, and landscaping projects. We look forward to working with you!

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