Kitchen Remodeling: Fixtures

Part 4 in 4-Part Series

So far, in our four-part series on kitchen remodeling, we have discussed three basic ingredients to great kitchen renovation:

  1. Getting Started: the all-important role that kitchens fill in family life – focusing on how to incorporate color trends into timeless kitchen design.

  2. Counters & Flooring: interior decorating trends relative to surface selections for kitchen flooring and countertops.

  3. Appliances: how appliances inform kitchen design.

This week, in our final kitchen redesign post, we will concentrate on fixtures, such as lighting, faucets and hardware.

Let there be Light

Until the early 1900’s, sunlight was the only form of lighting for most kitchens, until the wide adaption of the incandescent light bulb, which brought the kitchen out of the dark. Through the depression and war years and for a time after, austerity prompted many homes to have only one lighting source, usually over the cook-top area. As the energy crisis hit in the 70’s, the move to more energy-efficient fluorescent became the trend.

This bright overhead fluorescent often tucked into a dropped ceiling and was accompanied by under-cabinet lighting. But today’s kitchen lighting is designed to create a layered effect, with a warm, inviting atmosphere. The advancement of LED technology has brought range of color and longevity to general and task lighting in the kitchen. And don’t forget about under-cabinet lighting and natural light from skylights, both of which add dramatically to the overall aesthetic. (See examples from a Pasadena kitchen remodel.)

Claremont kitchen remodel

Faucet Fascination

With so many styles and materials to choose from, you should start by examining the quality of the fixture – a faucet of solid brass construction will ensure its longevity. A few examples of available faucet-finishes, which are popular today, include brass, chrome, copper, matte finish, oil-rubbed metals, pewter, satin sheen or polished. With so many finishes and styles from which to choose, how will you know which direction to go? Your experienced design/build/remodeler will be able to steer you in the right direction. For example, if your tastes are more modern, you could consider touch-less or single-handled, streamlined, stainless or platinum faucets.

Elegant Kitchen Faucet

Get a Handle on it

Today, drawer pulls, handles and knobs come in all shapes, sizes and finishes. The potential options are as endless as your imagination and comprise various features that can alter the overall look of your kitchen. Whatever your aesthetic, the design-build approach used by Lotus Construction Group hones in on the perfect choice and enables us to create a work-friendly kitchen that fits within your home’s architectural context.

When it comes to complex projects like custom homes, kitchen renovations, additions or whole-house remodeling, Lotus Construction Group uses cutting-edge materials and construction techniques, and offers innovative ideas executed with flawless precision for seamless flow and timeless design. We would love to visit your home to discuss how we might create a comprehensive Design-Build Analysis, specific to your project’s needs. If the process sounds enticing, call (909) 621-1558 today to schedule a complementary appointment.

Welcome and Hello...

Whether this is your first visit to our website, or you have been visiting for a long time, we would like to say “hello” and tell you a little bit about ourselves and how we do things here at Lotus Construction Group.    

Something or someone has brought you to our site - a recommendation from a friend, our sign in the neighborhood, or an internet search.  So, we’d like to let you know a little bit about what makes Lotus so different, and we think, better than the way the home remodeling industry typically works.

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From the first time we meet with you, all the way through to the end of your project, and well beyond, we think of your house in the same way we think of our own homes.  Your home is more than a collection of doors, windows and walls; it contains the spaces where you dream, where you entertain family and friends, and where you feel most safe and secure.  When you invite us into your home, we consider it a privilege and a welcome responsibility, and we have maintained cherished friendships with our clients long after the completion of their projects.

Our process is designed from the onset to involve you, the homeowner, and we consider your input to be one of our most valuable tools.  We begin with an initial conversation about what your remodeling needs and goals are.  From there, we put together a proposal that describes everything we are going to do to get you to the design you want, and an accurate estimate for that design.  Then, the fun begins!  The Design Build Analysis allows us the opportunity to take the information and ideas you have given us that are important to you (i.e., design, materials, budget and schedule) and prepare a set of drawings and plans of the designs that fulfill your dreams.  Once you are happy with the design, we create a thorough and accurate cost estimate.  Our estimates are lengthy, as they provide you with detailed line items and the cost for each line item, as well as the cost for the materials and hours of labor to complete your project.  There is very little ambiguity in our estimation process.  We then spend the necessary time going through all line items with you to make sure you are as informed as possible and that you are satisfied all your questions have been addressed.  At the conclusion of the Design Build Analysis, we provide you with a valuable document that gives you an accurate and detailed cost estimate for your project.

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