Claremont Bathroom Remodels: Why a Pedestal Sink is a Perfect Fit

No one ever plans to fail, they just fail to plan… the old adage is never more relevant than when starting a remodeling project.  And a bathroom remodel can often be fraught with many pitfalls, so planning is key.  Whether you have limited space or space for a grand master bathroom, you will be making many decisions on layout including shower only, tub only, shower/tub combo, hand-held wand, shower head, tile, stone, fixtures, lights, and so on. Suffice to say, it can be quite overwhelming.

Sinks are one of the biggest design choices for a bathroom.  Will your sink be mounted on top of a counter, in the counter, will there be a counter?  What about a pedestal sink?  Actually, a pedestal sink is a great solution for a small bathroom, many of which are found in the older homes of Claremont.  Keep reading for some reasons a pedestal sink may work for you.

Space-saving pedestal sinks

When remodeling a small bathroom, it’s important to consider balance and ease of movement throughout the space.  A pedestal sink has a very small footprint and can take up a relatively small amount of floor space, creating a less congested feeling in the space.  The drawback of a pedestal sink is the lack of storage space below, and the limited surface around the sink to put items on. A medicine cabinet above the sink and cabinetry for storage over the toilet are great places to make up for lost storage.  

Pedestal Sink Style and Looks

Pedestal sinks come in many styles and finishes ranging from the most modern to contemporary, transitional, and traditional.  Whether your home is a Craftsman, Revival, Mid-Century, Ranch or Bungalow, there is a wide range of sinks available to perfectly fit the style of your home. The hardware you choose for your pedestal sink will add to the style you want to convey.   

Pedestal Sink Flexibility

The wide range of styles and sizes of available pedestal sinks allows for flexibility when it comes to choosing the right sink for your bathroom remodel.  The smallest pedestal sinks are good for tight spaces such as powder rooms.  Medium-sized pedestal sinks often allow for ample counter space to store items and may incorporate additional features such as towel racks. A pair of pedestal sinks can be an attractive option for a large bathroom.  

Easy to Clean

Last, but definitely not least, the stream-line style of a pedestal sink lessens the number of nooks and crannies, so it’s easy to keep your bathroom clean as a whistle. 

Remodeling your Claremont small bathroom can be nerve-racking, but with proper planning, it can be a great experience.  So don’t fail to plan . . . plan to succeed!

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